About Us

I am proud to say that I have been in the stone and tile industry for over 20 years, I was able to open my own shop in 2006. My business started out small, completing small projects and soon after my business was being recognized for my workmanship which provided me with larger projects. Since that time, I am excited to say that my shop and I have grown from a custom hand fabrication shop, to a full digital stone fabrication shop.

Please take a look at some of our CNC machinery and previous work, we are looking forward to provide service for you!

Thank you,
Steve Vasquez

Digital Templating

We digital template using one of two systems. We have the FLEXIJET templating system and the LASER 2D3D templating system. Our templating systems significantly increase the efficiency, accuracy and speed of templating.

Screenshot of Slabsmith Computer Tool


We have also just added SLABSMITH to our digital arsenal

PROJECT LAYOUTS - we can create, save & manage our customers project layouts

Slabsmith provides us a direct and accurately visual layout of our customers material for their projects, helping us to provide the best layouts possible.

Slabsmith allows us to provide an understanding and comfort level to our customer’s that has previously not been possible.


Once programs are Slab Smithed and approved for processing, the jobs will be sent to one of three saws:

  1. SASSO M1 CNC Saw 1
  2. SASSO M1 CNC Saw 2
  3. SASSO K600 CNC Saw


S & D Fabrication using a high-quality SASSO M1 saw for custom fabrication.


Any custom edge details that need to be fabricated are completed on our Park Destiny CNC edge router.

Edge Router Used for Custom Edges