Italy Stone Tour

The Italy Trip that Changed Us!

I was honored to be invited to the, STONE FABRICATORS ALLIANCE  "ITALY TOUR 2018"

I traveled with some of the most amazing people. The group of SFA members were some of the most welcoming people I have ever met! We traveled on a tour bus for five days together. We ate some of the most AMAZING FOOD and drank some AMAZING WINES! We were taken to some of the top CNC automated factories and CNC tooling factories.

I was privileged to see the SASSO USA factory.  Mainly because these are the CNC saws we run.  We love the saws and customer service we receive from SASSO USA. During the tour we also saw the INTERMAC, NICOLAI DIAMANT, DONATONI MACCHINE, and GMM factories.  Complete amazement walking through these factories.  

We toured some of the biggest marble Quarry's, in the world! We were able to tour the HENRAUX since 1821. marble quarry!! These quarry's members showed us how the stone was quarried from the earth and processed into slab. Some of the most educating facts, I have ever learned about stone processing.

I am such a "HOW ITS MADE" guy!!

We were driven in jeeps through the marble quarries, where  we saw some of the most beautiful country sides while traveling to and through, these quarries...

To top it off,  as if it couldn't get any better, We were given a helicopter tour to the top of a marble quarry!!    THE HELICOPTER RIDE WAS AMAZING!!!!

We were taken to ANTOLINI ITALY and were given a tour of their custom showroom facility!!!   WOW is all I can say. Please look them up on line, words or pictures can not explain what I saw there.

We toured some slab manufacturing plants, like LAPITEEC Prestigious Italian surfaces, SANTA MARGHERITA The original Italian surface. We were able to see how quartz material was processed, from start to finish. We were also educated on some of the DO"S and DONT"S of the quartz fabrication industry.

We were also privilege to see The Tenax USA factory. The presentation, Tenax gave us was incredible. I have a much better knowledge of the different glues and different applications, each one requires.  

Daily each or our sponsors catered our lunches and dinners with some of the most amazing foods and wines, and deserts!!!!!!!

I cannot thank the STONE FABRICATORS ALLIANCE enough for letting me be a part of this AMAZING ONCE IN A LIFE TIME TRIP!!!  

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