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What is a fabricator?

A fabricator is a craftsman of stone. There are a lot of stone shops. Many of them hire people who no nothing of the trade. We are a small family owned shop, with over fifteen years experience. Everybody on our team cares about your project. We will fabricate and install your natural stone or solid surface into a work of art. Transforming it into your countertops, fireplace or tub surround, vanity, etc...

What is the price of my natural stone or solid surface material?

Natural stone or solid surfaces counter tops, varies in cost. The color you select should always depend on your budget and your personal taste. The price of natural stone or solid surface material depends largely on the manufacture and quarries.

How much material will I need?

Material needed depends on your project layout. (1) How many seams are in your project. (2) The grain direction of the material we will be using. These two items alone will play a big factor in material usage. We will always explain in detail the preferred layout of your project. We will always make sure you are getting the beautiful kitchen or bathroom project you desire. Please fax, mail, email, a drawing of your project with your layout. We will give you an estimate on the amount of material needed to complete your project.

When do I need to select my material?

Natural Stone or solid surface material should be selected during the color stage of your project. Cabinet color, paint color, appliance, will always play a big part in selecting your natural stone, tile, and solid surface material colors. Please call us obtain information and a supplier list to get your project started.

Is granite high maintenance?

NO. You will do more to protect your wood furniture in your home over the course of a year than you will your granite counter tops. You will need to wipe a sealer on, once a year.

What is the difference between granite and man made products, such as Zodiaq, Caesarstone, and Silestone?

Natural stone or solid surface material will give you a beautiful look and show off your personal taste and individuality. Both of the materials are stain resistant and heat resistant.

Will adding the natural stone or solid surface counter tops counter tops increase the value of my home?

Yes, Experts say any improvements you do in your kitchen you will get back at the time you sell your home. In real estate, natural stone or solid surface counter tops is a "Hot Button" with new prospective buyers.