One of the main reasons to opt for a professional when you’re taking on a major renovations project is because of their professional insurance. While you may initially save money by completing a project yourself, a professional has coverage that will guarantee the efficiency and safety of the job through its completion and afterwards.

Property Damage

While the project may initially seem simple, you could find yourself in a complex situation if a simple mistake turns into a complicated mess. A professional will have property damage coverage in his or her insurance policy that would pay for any mishaps that might happen along the way.

Potential Injury

They should have worker’s compensation coverage in his or her insurance policy to cover any employee injuries that may occur on your premises. In fact, it’s best to ask for proof of this coverage before any projects begin to ensure you’re not at risk of a liability lawsuit.

Material Coverage

Any materials included for the project are covered by the professional, so out of pocket costs in case something goes wrong is nothing to worry about.